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How to run SiteToSiteStatusReportingTask on the primary node only of nifi cluster

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I'm trying to add a SiteToSiteStatusReportingTask controller to my project which has many processors run only on primary node.
when starting the SiteToSiteStatusReportingTask it gives 3 diff files for the 3 nodes of the cluster. any idea how to configure the reporting task to report only the primary node?


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@Zainab Imran

What is the use case for needing the S2SStatusReportingTask to run on Primary node only?
By having it run on only one node, you will not see be seeing status of any other node. Each node only reports out the component status for that specific node.
While it is possible to filter out messages via flow design (routeOnContent for example), I would not recommend doing so. The elected primary node in your cluster can change at anytime.


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