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How to set run compactor for a particular Hive Metastore when Hive HA is enabled


I've enabled High Availabilty for Hive, as per HW doc I need to assign run compactor property on only one particular Hive metastore.

How can I set this up?

HDP 3.1.0

Hive 3.0.0


Expert Contributor

This can be achieved using config groups in Ambari.


For disabling compaction follow


We discourage using this mechanism of initiating  compaction for one metastore.


Is this the way to set it up @asish 


I've created a Host config group 'Run Compactor' with 1 HMS host and enabled Run Compactor property for that host and disabled the Run compactor property in the "default' group.


Expert Contributor

The config looks good. Please try and check.



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