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How to set up spark-sql in Cloudera quickstart vm 5.13

New Contributor


I am trying to launch spark-sql in Cloudera quickstart vm 5.13. I am getting error message 


bash: spark-sql: command not found


Can anyone  of you please explain me the steps to set up spark-sql CLI in Cloudera quickstart vm 5.13


Thanks in advance




Could you please let me know if you have Spark service up and runining in QuickStart.

Check in the Cm web ui . 

http://quickstart.cloudera:7180/cmf/login  - Login Page for Cm .


If you dont see Spark , Please click on the QuickStartvm -> add service - > spark / spark2 which ever you want -> place the spark service / gateway role on the host.


After all the initial setup -> check in this directory to see if you can see the binary file . 



and then try the spark-sql 

New Contributor

Thanks for the response. 

I checked Cloudera manager and see that Spark in up and running.


I checked the below path and see no files under this directory.




When I issue spark-sql command , still see the same issue.

could you share the CM web ui front page .
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