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How to setup HDF (Nifi) on existing HDP cluster


Hello All,

Am trying to install HDF 3.1.2 on an existing HDP cluster managed by Ambari ( HDP 2.6.5 )

All i need is only Nifi service configured on my existing HDP cluster.

Am following the below guide,

I have installed Mpack on the Ambari host. restarted ambari server

Have setup local repositories with the hdf rpms, and enabled it on the ambari hosts.

updated the hdf base url in to HDP version ( in manage ambari menu)

selected nifi and nifi registry in "Add a service" option and assigned the services to the ambari server host.

Ambari says succesfully installed components, but am not able to see nifi or nifiregistry in my installed services.

Am i doing something wrong?

Any help please to set up HDF on the existing HDP cluster.


Vignesh Mohandass



@Vignesh Mohandass

Your steps look correct if you followed the mentioned documentation. What is your HDP version HDF 3.1.2 is only compatible with HDP 2.6.5 and 2.6.4 and the corresponding Ambari version with warnings for SAM and Schema registry for these HDP versions?


Can you list the mpacks installed

$ ls /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/mpacks/

If the version doesn't match uninstall the HDF mpacks and install the correct one. Do not insert version numbers:

# ambari-server uninstall-mpack --mpack-name=hdf-ambari-mpack --verbose

Did you setup registry database?



Hi Geoffrey,

Thanks for looking in this,

HDP Version: 2.6.5

HDF Version: HDF-

Ambari Version:

Actually am not interested in SAM and Schema registry as i dont need high availability for this.. I hope Nifi works with out SAM and Schema registry.

[root@mn3 mohandv1]# ls /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/mpacks/

cache hdf-ambari-mpack- mpacks_replay.log

Not sure about HTH.. Is it mandatory for the Nifi setup? What does HTH do?

And do we need to enable the HDF local repository across all the nodes in the cluster? i have just enabled only in Ambari server host. ( in which am trying to install nifi )


Vignesh Mohandass


@Vignesh Mohandass

# Download the new HDF tar note Centos 6 or 7

wget -nv /tmp
wget -nv /tmp 

# Uninstall the previous failed install

# ambari-server uninstall-mpack --mpack-name=hdf-ambari-mpack --verbose 

The following should be the output:

Using python /usr/bin/python
Uninstalling management pack
Ambari Server 'uninstall-mpack' completed successfully. 

# Re-Install the --mpack

# ambari-server install-mpack --mpack=/tmp/hdf-ambari-mpack- 

The following will be the output:

Using python /usr/bin/python
Installing management pack
Ambari Server 'install-mpack' completed successfully. 

# Restart Ambari server

# ambari-server restart 

# Update the HDF Base URL

From the Ambari menu, click the admin drop-down in the top right of your Ambari Dashboard view. Then select Manage Ambari. From the Clusters view on the left, click Versions, and then click the HDP version link. Configure the HDF Base URL to the base URL appropriate for your operating system.

Find the appropriate HDF Base for your OS vesrion. Click Save.

# Now add the Nifi service from Ambari

And proceed with HDF installation. you can decide a install only the nifi service without the nifiregistry or SAM and Schema registry

HTH just means [ Hope That Helps]


@Vignesh Mohandass

Any updates?