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How to setup custom email alerts?

How to setup custom email alerts?

Expert Contributor

I would like to setup some hourly email alerts for some services (Flume, Impala, etc) with the  summary of the hours metrics. For example, put successes or failures in the part hour of Flume service channels, etc.


Is there a way to set these up? Any documentation on what all metrics are available for each service?




Re: How to setup custom email alerts?


I am looking for similar solution. Any luck in your case?

Re: How to setup custom email alerts?

New Contributor

You can create custom trigger in CM which involves some qyery writing. alerts will be generated for this trigger. I am not so sure whether you can set time in this query. you can give it a try.




Re: How to setup custom email alerts?

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Alerts only come from alertable events that transition state from non-alertable to alertable.   Cloudera Manager does not provide any means by which to schedule regular reports.


In order to pull metrics to for use in other tools that may be able to do the sort of metrics emails you want, you could look into leveraging the Cloudera Manager API:


Here is a list of metrics for the services:


Depending on your needs, you may also be able to leverage hadoop metrics2 that can be used in Ganglia and other tools: