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How to shutdown and start cloudera cluster safely


How to shutdown and start cloudera cluster safely

New Contributor

Hi folks!


I am using Cloudera Manager 5 with CDH 5.5.1 on Ubuntu 14.04 (Microsoft Azure).

My cluster has 7 machines, with 3 slaves (YARN, HDFS and HBase), 3 masters (YARN, HDFS and SECs) and 1 Cloudera Manager Monitor.


I installed the cluster using cloudera manager web interface and everything works!


My problem is: I cant stop the cluster (using CM Web Inteface) shutdown all machines (on Azure) and after a few days start all machines and start all cluster services.


CM is starting, however YARN, HDFS, HBase and Zookeper healthy issues are bad status!

Is there a safely way to shutdown and start cloudera manager cluster on a cloud service?