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How to start ranger-hdfs plugin manually? we have a ranger .4 on hdp2.2.4. the ranger policies were being by-passed to hadoop-acl. I tried to diable anb enable the plugin on namenode by using the script and it threw an error as :


at at com.xasecure.utils.install.XmlConfigChanger.main( Caused by: com.xasecure.utils.install.XmlConfigChanger$ValidationException: ERROR: configuration token [XAAUDIT.DB.USER_NAME] is not defined in the file: [/usr/hdp/] at com.xasecure.utils.install.XmlConfigChanger.replaceProp( at ... 1 more ************************************************************************* ERROR: Unable to make changes to config. file: /usr/hdp/

Rising Star

The error says "XAAUDIT.DB.USER_NAME" is not defined in the file: [/usr/hdp/] . Did you check if you have defined this property for ranger audit db .

I have disabled the audit logging to a database by setting:


But it still asks for a username.