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How to study for HCA ?


How to study for HCA ?

New Contributor

Respected all

I have no prior knowledge of bigdata or hadoop ,but i am aiming towards HCA exam but i dont know how to prepare for it .

Can someone kindly guide me as for what path i should choose in order to prepare for HCA exam . what books i should read ? are there any relevant online courses ? any video lectures ?


Re: How to study for HCA ?

New Contributor

Hi, Umar

I would recommend going through HDP Sandbox, which covers the installation of Ambari + Hortonworks Data Platform as well as several tutorials and guides to learn Hadoop administration mostly from the scratch (although some good Linux skills are needed, of course):

With regards to books, a few colleagues have recommended me the book Expert Hadoop Administration, by Sam R. Alapati:

Regarding videos, here's a few good ones:

Interesting TED Talks on what is BigData (mostly informational but interesting enough):

Overview on what is Hadoop (by Hortonworks)

Overview on Hadoop Core components (by Hortonworks):

Overview on Hive (by Hortonworks):

Series of videos about the Hadoop Ecosystem and a detailed view of its components (by Cloudera):

Hope it helps!