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How to substract minutes

New Contributor


I have a start time and an end time that I need to subtract (I really need to substract only a few minutes). I try to use the following functions but the result is NULL:

SELECT minutes_sub(to_timestamp(t.horafin,"mmss"), minute(to_timestamp(t.horaini,"mmss")) )

  FROM table t;


       t.horaini, t.horafin are string

       With my data:

       to_timestamp(t.horafin,"mmss") = 00:17:03

       to_timestamp(t.horaini,"mmss") = 00:16:06

       minute(to_timestamp(t.horaini,"mmss")) = 6

      .... and minutes_sub(to_timestamp(t.horafin,"mmss"), minute(to_timestamp(t.horaini,"mmss")) ) = NULL

     ... and I need 00:00:57


  If I use the function: datediff(to_timestamp(t.horafin,"mmss"), to_timestamp(t.horaini,"mmss")) the result is also NULL.

Can you help me please?





You can make use Hive CAST function to find the timestamp difference.Please refer this article and frame your queries according to your case.


New Contributor

It is not working! If I write only this sentence:


SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP(‘17:30:12’, ‘HH:mm:ss’)


the return is NULL!!


; ;