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How to syncronize users from AC to LDAP

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Hello I have a use case I have not been able to solve,

I have been trying to sync the users from an AC into Ranger through usersync with no success. The main issue is that the property sAMAccountname is being mapped with the long name, which in my case happens to be the CN, here I attach some pictures of the LDAP and the configurations I have used in Ambari.




The result looks like this

11 oct 2017 13:46:57 INFO LdapDeltaUserGroupBuilder [UnixUserSyncThread] - longUserName: CN=RPM-ROBERTO_PAZ,OU=ejemplo,OU=entermas,OU=i2Analyze,DC=root4n,DC=com,DC=mx, userName: RPM-ROBERTO_PAZ

Where the userName is the same as the longUserName


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First, you can use ldapsearch to try the same query and see the results to debug
Can you paste the logs from Ranger usersync ?
Did you tried only to synchronise only users , without groups in the screenshot ?

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