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How to test the local groups created in Sentry policy file

How to test the local groups created in Sentry policy file

For the sake of creating POC, i have create local groups in the policy file sentry-provider.ini

# Defines the location of the per DB policy file for the customers DB/schema 
dw_arcticblue_staging = hdfs://quickstart.cloudera:8020/home/cloudera/Desktop/dw_arcticblue_staging_policy.ini 

# Assigns each Hadoop group to its set of roles 
group1 = analyst_role
group2 = admin_role 
group3 = analyst_role[users]
user1 = group1, group2, group3
user2 = group2, group3

# The uris below define a define a landing skid which
# the user can use to import or export data from the system.
# Since the server runs as the user "hive" files in that directory
# must either have the group hive and read/write set or
# be world read/write.
analyst_role = server=server1->db=dw_arcticblue_staging ->table=*->action=select 
admin_role = server=server1->db=dw_arcticblue_staging ->table=*->action=select, \ 
server=server1->db=dw_arcticblue_staging ->table=*->action=Insert

# Implies everything on server1 -> customers. Privileges for
# customers can be defined in the global policy file even though 
# customers has its only policy file. Note that the Privileges from
# both the global policy file and the per-DB policy file
# are merged. There is no overriding.
arcticeblue_admin_role = server=server1->db=dw_arcticblue_staging 

# Implies everything on server1.
admin_role = server=server1


group1 = dw_all_access

dw_all_acess = server = NirvanaServer -> db = dw_arcticblue_staging -> table = * -> action = Insert,\ 
server = NirvanaServer -> db = dw_arcticblue_staging -> table = * -> action = Select

I have updated all configurations in hive and yarn as recommended. Few things which i dont understand

  1. How to test the user1,user2 that whether they are authorized or not ? I want to test from hive / impala cli .User1, User2 etc created in the policy file are not real users to login with.
  2. We need to create a HDFS sentry-provider.ini file. How we could create ini file in linux? i did not find any relevant document

Any help how to test the authorization using sentry on hive???


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