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How to troubleshoot Ambari Heartbeat lost only on some services

New Contributor

Hello, we have deployed an HDP 2.6.4 cluster on some VMs, some days ago the masternode has been hot migrated by the VM sys admins, after that we are unable to make any action on that node using Ambari UI and some services have Heartbeat Lost despite the fact that are UP.


We also tried to kill and then start again the services but we were unable to start using Ambari.

We tried also to restart the ambari-server and all the ambari-agent without success, in the log files there is no ERROR message, how can we troubleshoot this? The screenshot is about services on the same node (same ambari-agent instance)

Thank you


Could you check NTP sync status across the nodes?


Could you check NTP sync status across the nodes.

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