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How to turn JSONL format to Avro

How to turn JSONL format to Avro

New Contributor


I have data being streamed through a 3rd party API which is supplying the data in the JSONL ( format.

The work flow is simple and I can split the large lump of data into single flows

The data looks like this

{"event":"pageview: Eligibility","properties":{"time":1518652801,"distinct_id":"16196c2a998b0-0f8d4646ccc0a9-646e0a3b-49a10-16196c2a999ac","$browser":"Chrome","$browser_version":56,"$city":"Barnet","$current_url":"","$device":"Android","$initial_referrer":"","$initial_referring_domain":"","$lib_version":"2.17.0","$os":"Android","$referrer":"","$referring_domain":"","$region":"Barnet","$screen_height":732,"$screen_width":412,"category":"xx at xxxx","mp_country_code":"GB","mp_lib":"web"}}

So not really "proper" JSON but looking for a way to transform ultimately into AVRO

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