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How to update datanodeUuid

How to update datanodeUuid

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We were getting this error in our cluster:

2018-10-02 19:06:36,519 ERROR hdfs.StateChange ( - 
BLOCK* NameSystem.getDatanode: Data node DatanodeRegistration(, datanodeUuid=ee13ba78-9278-4037-b913-b22f6579c455, 
infoPort=50075, infoSecurePort=0, ipcPort=8010, storageInfo=lv=-56;cid=CID-51546e4c-95f4-4826-a8f2-f13b5b76c75f;nsid=2132175447;c=0)
 is attempting to report storage ID ee13ba78-9278-4037-b913-b22f6579c455. Node is expected to serve this storage.

I noticed two Datanodes have same datanodeUuid:

[DataNode1) ~]# cat /app2/current/VERSION |grep datanodeUuid datanodeUuid=ee13ba78-9278-4037-b913-b22f6579c455 
[DataNode2) ~]# cat /app2/current/VERSION |grep datanodeUuid datanodeUuid=ee13ba78-9278-4037-b913-b22f6579c455

Two questions:

1. How can I find out when / how is happened?

2. How can I update the datanodeUuid on DanaNode2?

Thanks for any help.