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How to update the Datatype of custom datatype in Hive Table ?


Hi Team ,

I have added below attribute in HIVE _TABLE type , This is the single value , How can i update the multiple value field


Required like below :


I am getting below 2 error while updating and deletion that hive table type

{"errorCode":"ATLAS-400-00-00D","errorMessage":"hive_table.ADGroupInfo : attribute delete not supported"}

{"errorCode":"ATLAS-400-00-029","errorMessage":"Data type update for attribute is not supported"}

Please help me on this ..!!!

Tahnks in advance..!!!


Expert Contributor

@Satya Nittala, looks like there is an issue with your JSON, its missing with some attritubutes

Please provide the output of http://atlas_host:21000/api/atlas/v2/types/typedefs and JSON provide for update type API call

Since its array<hive_column> the attribute valuesMaxCount should be "valuesMaxCount" : 2147483647