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How to update the Nifi processors in my local setup and where can i get the latest nar file


I am facing an issue with consumeKafka_0_10 processor in my local nifi instance. I have seen the Jira created for my issue and was resolved long time back. So, I believe my local nifi instance does not have the fix for the ConsumeKafka_0_10 processor.

I would like to know

1) where can I get the latest nar file for consumeKafka_0_10 processor

2) what is the process to update the consumeKafka_0_10 processor with latest in my local nifi instance


If you are running Apache NiFi then you can always get the latest distribution from the website:

Unpack the distribution somewhere and the lib directory will have all the NARs.

If you are running HDF then you can find the latest release on the Hortonworks website:

Download the tar of NiFi and unpack it somewhere like above.