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How to upgrade hdf on an existing HDP cluster

Rising Star

Hi all,

I have an HDP ambari managed cluster with HDF-3.0.1 management pack installed. Ambari release is 2.6.1.

I have successfully upgraded the HDF management pack to version HDF-3.1.0, but when I click on the "Install on... <cluster name>" button from the Admin view I been redirected to the "manage version" tab in Ambari, in which I'm only able to see the existing HDP version (2.6.4).

How can I perform the upgrade from HDF-3.0.1 to HDF-3.1.0?

thank you,


Cloudera Employee

Hi Davide,

It depends on which HDF services you wish to use?

Please see the deployment scenarios for further details

You have an existing HDP cluster with Apache Storm and or Apache Kafka services and want to install Apache NiFi or NiFi Registry modules on that cluster.

This requires that you upgrade to the latest version of Apache Ambari and HDP, and then use Ambari to add HDF services to the upgraded HDP cluster.

You cannot install SAM and Schema Registry for HDF 3.1 on an HDP 2.6.4 cluster, and you cannot upgrade these services from a previous HDP cluster.