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How to use HBase with Spark 2?

How to use HBase with Spark 2?

New Contributor

I'm updating the versions from a project (in Scala) and I'm having some problems with Hbase. The version I updated to are:

  • scala-library -> 2.11.12
  • scalatest_2.11 -> 3.0.8
  • spark-streaming_2.11 -> 2.4.3
  • spark-sql_2.11 -> 2.4.3
  • spark-hive_2.11 -> 2.4.3

Hereupon, I can't get any hbase-spark that works, having always the same compiling error:


Error: Symbol 'type org.apache.spark.Logging' is missing from the classpath. This symbol is required by 'class org.apache.hadoop.hbase.spark.HBaseContext'. Make sure that type Logging is in your classpath and check for conflicting dependencies with -Ylog-classpath.

A full rebuild may help if 'HBaseContext.class' was compiled against an incompatible version of org.apache.spark.

    val hBaseContext = new HBaseContext(sc, hBaseConf)

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