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How to use a Horton NiFi 1.9 in Cloudbreak for FlowManagment blueprint

New Contributor

Currently, I use HDF 3.1 in Cloudbreak to deploy a cluster with NiFi and Zookeeper but I created a custom nifi-processor to get the mongo oplog, this processor needs the mongo driver 3.8 or 3.9, then:
- Current NiFi version in HDF 3.1 doesn't support this custom nifi-processor.

- Locally I test my processor with the latest version in docker hub of HortonWorks and, it's working!

I can upgrade NiFi in Cloudbreak or modify the image catalogue?


@Jorge Martínez Reséndiz

Sorry for the late response.

The easiest solution seems to be to use a recipe to upgrade NIFI during cluster install via Cloudbreak.

Here is the doc:

Hope this helps!

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