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How will the HDPCA exam objectives for Installation tasks be presented in the exam ?

Based on the practice exam for HDPCA and comment from @William Gonzalez on one of my earlier question, in the actual exam we will have a minimally configured cluster, so we will not need to install from scratch on a base OS, but we will be required to configure different services as per the Objectives(

This forces me to wonder how the following objectives from 'Installation' category will be presented to us in the exam or will they not be a part of the exam since minimally configured cluster could already have these :

1. Configure a local HDP repository

2. Install ambari-server and ambari-agent

3. Install HDP using the Ambari install wizard

Thank you.


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EXAM OBJECTIVES View the complete list of objectives on our website at : - objectives/#hdpca

Note: not required to install OS, to be perform exam objectives only....