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Hue 4 on HDP 2.6.x


Has anyone had any joy with getting Hue 4 working with HDP 2.6.x

I've found mention of an ambari service that I've tried to apply on a test cluster but that only looks to go as high as hue 3.11

If anyone has any information on how I might go about getting the latest version of hue to work with the latest version of HDP thtat would be most useful as I'm told that there are a great many features in the new release that would be of benifit to my user base.


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HW does not support latest Hue version with HDP anymore. However, HW provides Ambari Views as an alternative (I prefer this option as one less tool to maintain).

Ambari Views :

Migrating from Hue to Ambari Views:

To your original question, I was not able to get Hue with the latest version of HDP. Found several Kerberos issue, ldap integration, etc. However, the same hue.ini worked with an older version of Hue.

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I have Hue 4 deployed using Puppet against an HDP 2.5 cluster. Works fine, at least for Spark, Oozie, and Hive. Also integrated with LDAP, so not sure what issues @Shashant Panwar is having.

Just point the correct hue.ini properties for like fs.deaultFS / webhdfs, the ResourceManager, HiveServer2, etc. and should work. Add in authentication after you get the other pieces working.

The Hue Users Google Group has been fairly helpful with support (in other words, you probably won't get much Hortonworks support for Hue)

Hi @Jordan Moore can you share any reference link for hue 4 deployment using puppet. it would be much helpful.