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Hue: Bad Request (400)



I have the following problem with the latest Cloudera installed via Cloudera Manager.

The server on which Hue is running has two network interfaces: bond0 - internal 10G network interface to communicate with the rest of the hadoop, eno1 - external 1G interface to the outside world.


When I run the browser on the same server where Hue is running, I can connect to Hue on the internal interface:

https://<internal address>:8888

However, when I try to connect to the external interface (with firefox running on the server itself or on another machine)

https://<external address>:8888

I get the error: Bad Request (400)


So far I tried setting in Safety Valve (which one should be used? there are several) via CM


as suggested in one of the posts. It did not help.


I tried to use iptables to forward 8888 port from external interface to internal one, that did not help either.


I have enabled "Bind Hue Server to Wildcard Address" but again it did not help.


Anything else? What should be whitelist set to?


Thank you,




Super Guru



I wrote a post on the following page that includes a screenshot that will help you:


See my update at 02-06-2017 04:02 PM (PST)


I want to add the following to "Hue Service Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for hue_safety_valve.ini"





Save that change, then restart Hue Service.

Yes, thank you, that solve my problem. Apparently [desktop] is important, I did not have it before.

Just to cover the importance of the sections, Hue's configuration breaks everything into sections and subsections. The [desktop] is just one of them. It is critical that you place the config under the correct section.