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Hue LLAP and Hive interpreter switch

New Contributor

I've installed the latest Hue 4.5 and integrated with HDP 3 both for default HiveServer2 and LLAP connections on beeswax section and have defined the interpreters in the hue-ini file as follows:






However on the Hue UI, depending on which session is initiated first, when switching to the other editor, the hive mode or connection doesn't change. So if LLAP is initiated first through opening an LLAP editor, when switching to the Hive editor, the execution mode is still LLAP and queries are run using the LLAP queue. Even if I forcefully close and recreate the session on the UI the result is still the same.


Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 15.26.10.png


I've also configured the following properties under beeswax:



max_number_of_sessions = 2



I'm running both HiveServer2 and LLAP in HA mode.


New Contributor

I have this problem too. Is there any fix for this?

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