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Hue Not Displaying Icons Correctly in IE

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Ever since upgrading to CDH 5.5.2, Hue intermittently doesn't display icons correctly in the Hue interface while using Internet Explorer (IE) v.11.  Notably this browser is one that is provided to me at work, and while I do have Chrome available, it isn't as integrated with the enterprise, so I just tend to use IE by default. 


Is this a known issue that is being worked on (all IE jokes aside 🙂 ), or is it recommended I just use Chrome and accept that Hue doesn't work well on IE?


Here's a screenshot for reference:

hue icons missing.png


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Am also facing the same issue,


As per cloudera doc javascript and cookies needs to be enabled and in my case its enabled but still not able to.


Can any body help us to find the soln ??