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Hue and Solr Dashboard Text Widget question

Hue and Solr Dashboard Text Widget question

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I'm new to using Solr with Hue. I've set up a dashboard with a text widget to the left side. The widgit provides out-of-the-box the functionality to increase/(change) the number of items from 10 but when I increase it up to, say 20, I still see only 10. Same again if I go up to 30. So is there some parameter I need to change in hue or solr that will allow this increase. Thanks. Oh, I'm using 3.9 of Hue.




Re: Hue and Solr Dashboard Text Widget question

It should work out of the box by just increasing it to more indeed.

Do you see any error in the chrome javascript console?

Obviously, you have more than 10 documents?
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