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Hue authentication on cloudera 5.15 is very slow after configuring AD based kerberos

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Hi, After configuring the kerberos with AD principles, the Hue authentication is very very slow. The setup is like

1. cloudera manager 5.15

2. Kerberos enables with global-AD system user. 

3. Configure Hue with 

     Authentication backend: desktop.auth.backend.LdapBackend

     gave ldap url as AD url

4. Write hue.ini script..because the cloudera version 5.15 didnt work so we added some script based on this thread

5. We didnt setup TLS/SSL certificate ..


Any ideas about why the authentication is taking long time (3 to 4 minutes) some times its very quick.. not predictable.. even the services(hdfs, hive, spark) are not stable with kerberos.. Your help should be appreciated and will help lot ....Thanks!






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Can you test an LDAP query from the Hue server using a client such as ldapsearch? It would be good to see how long it takes to get a response from the LDAP server.

Check the value you set for base_dn. If this is overly broad it may take a long time to find users and groups in LDAP. Look to narrow this down as much as possible to reduce the size of the LDAP search. I'd also recommend reading the documentation as this provides information on how you can configure and test LDAP authentication in Hue.