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Hue configuration error. Impala.

Hue configuration error. Impala.

New Contributor

Hello all,


i have tried to execute tutorial excercise 2. After starting a Hue have some problem...


"Configuration files located in /etc/hue/conf .empty"

Potential misconfiguration detected. Fix and restart Hue




Impala Editor     No available Impalad to send queries to.         


Would appreciate your step by step help.


Thanks in advance.




Re: Hue configuration error. Impala.

Master Collaborator

Before exercise 2, the tutorial has you confirm the status of some services in Cloudera Manager. Can you check on the status of the Impala service? Hue is telling you that the service is down, so I would expect it to show up with a red icon, meaning there is a problem. Hovering / clicking on the service should show you additional details about what is wrong. You may simply need to restart the Impala service (which you can do from the Cloudera Manager home screen).