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Huge data migration to DR site using BDR

Huge data migration to DR site using BDR


Dear Experts,


We are setting up disaster recovery using Cloudera BDR.  Lately we have found the bandwidth between PROD and DR DC is 1 GBPS. As part of data migration, we have to transfer ~ 100 TB data from Prod to DR and  replicating data over 1GBPS will take ages to finish. Is there any other best practice to migrate historical data and schedule BDR replication for incremental load.


We are planning to take data dump into hard disk and move PROD to DR DC and copy manually. And after a cutoff data we can use  BDR tool for incremental replication. So question is moving data manually will have any impact on BDR incremental replication?


Your idea and suggestion on this will be highly appreciating.


Thanks  & Best Regards