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I am a new user in hadoop system, i want to benchmarking on hdfs and get latency value, but i am confused how to do it. Can anyone help, please? Thanks.

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@Irfan syafii

- Take a look at the Ambari Metrics to understand some of the core cluster metrics. Current versions of HDP have Grafana Dashboards to give more detail.

- There a number of benchmark options:

TESTDFSIO being a good option to get an understanding of read/write performance (lots of articles on that).

The second link relates to Hive and TPC type benchmarks.

- For more advanced users, there is also SmartSense with HDP, which can make recommendations on performance issues.


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Thanks for your response @Graham Martin, but i am still confused how to get the latency value of the hdfs benchmarking test. By the way, can i get the latency value of HDFS by doing benchmarking test?