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I am new to hadoop? I got this error while upload csv file on hdfs from ambari hdfs view from window 8 64 bit. I use different links to upload file on ambari hdfs even from vm CentOS but it didn't work? How can I upload that file?


500 Pathname /tmp/maria_dev/D:HiveHadoopTeamsHalf.csv from /tmp/maria_dev/D:HiveHadoopTeamsHalf.csv is not a valid. DFS filename



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@Bilal Nasir

😧 does not seems to go well for file name. Please try after removing colon(:) from your file name.


Actually it is the Windows path like "D:/HiveHadoop/TeamsHalf.csv" and it is concatenated with "/tmp/maria_dev/" then at the back end it will convert it into /tmp/maria_dev/D:HiveHadoopTeamsHalf.csv

I didn't type the path. I click the upload button then Browse the file from directory which is "D:/HiveHadoop/TeamsHalf.csv" and then when finally click the upload button after selection this exception come.

500Pathname /tmp/maria_dev/D:HiveHadoopTeamsHalf.csv from /tmp/maria_dev/D:HiveHadoopTeamsHalf.csv is not a valid DFS filename

i follow this link


Following are the procedure that i am following but i didn't upload file on HDFS. Please help me..



Did you solve your issue ?, because I have the same but only in Internet Explorer, it is OK on Firefox and Chrome.