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I am not able to access with HDP 2.6.3


Super Mentor

@Moussa djamilou

Is this a fresh HDP Sandbox setup? Have you allocated enough RAM to the sandbox like at least 8 GB?

Was it working earlier?

Have you tried restarting the VM couple of times?

Do you see any error on the startup screen of the Sandbox?

Are you able to access other ports like http://localhost:4200 (OR) http://localhost:8080 ?


Yes I try almost all the ports still erro

HDP_2.6.3_virtualbox_16_11_2017 is a fresh one

when I start the machine it use to give 3 option to chose

-centOS Linux (4.14.......)core

--centOS Linux (3.10.......)core

-centOS Linux (0.rescure......)core

only the last use to boot

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