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I am unable to find anywhere tutorial for processing IOT data in spark cluster. Can anyone please share some blog links or suggest some from where I can get tutorial for the same.

New Contributor

After searching on google I understood how to create spark cluster and also made a sample cluster but cant get any tutorial for IOT data computation on spark cluster.


New Contributor

Hey @Pradarttana Panda Thanks for your reply!

But I was asking for tutorial/blog of spark for processing of IOT data. I don't know how to use spark in cluster form. I had created cluster in spark but after that I dont know how to do computation on that cluster of spark.



First Thing you should go for Core-spark processing use. Extraction/Transformation . Then you should start using spark-sql. I would suggest, take a dataset, have an overview of the data. frame a most difficult question you want to extract from it. apply action/transformation to reach to answer. After that only try spark streaming. one of the best tutorial videos for this . Hope this answer your question.

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