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I am using hortonworks 2.4.2 my hdfs bloacks are under replicated more than 300 blocks and also problem in hbase regions some regions are failed how to resolve the issue



some hbase table regions was null .I cannot able alter that tables hmaster-ui.png


1st. Why are you set the NN java heap size to 14GB? I think, it has to be down to 1GB or 2GB. You don't have to assign highly NN java heap size like that.

2rd. Did you check the ntp master & clients time status?

3rd. Check the /var/log/hdfs/hadoop-hdfs-namenode-nn01-FQDN.log. Originally NameNode is recovering from corrupt blocks or missing blocks, and also you'll verify the procedure in the log.

4th. Did you install RegionServer to all datanode servers?