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I can't connect to my public DNS (


I can't connect to my public DNS (



I followed your "How to create a CDH Cluster on AWS EC2 via Cloudera Manager" blog to create a large EC2, set up Security Group with SSH/TCP ports and then install Cloudera Manager.  Everything works fine before end of the step 1. 

However, I can't connect to my public DNS  (   I redo the whole thing twice.   Turned off Windows firewall.   Use 3 different browsers.   It just doesn't let me connect.   Any suggestions?




Re: I can't connect to my public DNS (

Cloudera Employee

There's a lot of places where something could be getting in the way, so I'd consider the following.


0) Verify that the public DNS you're trying to use is the right one for your CM server instance

1) SSH to the CM server instance and verify that the server is indeed listening on *:7180.

2) Verify there's no linux firewall running on the CM server instance

3) Verify that port 7180 is open on the security group of the CM server instance (not the same as the Hadoop cluster's group necessarily!)

4) Try and telnet or netcat to 7180 on the instance and see if you can connect.

5) Try with a browser.


Windows firewall is unlikely to be an issue as outbound connections like this aren't restricted.

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