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I can't rum SandBox on Vmware

New Contributor

When I imported the HDP sandbox on Vmware and power on, the virtual machine shows me the next error lsb bring up/down networking failed but turn on well. Later reboot the VM and has started power on but take a long time to fully turn on like more than one hour. I don't know why happened this, I hope someone can help me. thanks


Expert Contributor

@Saul Ramirez

It sounds like you may not be allocating enough memory to the VM, or you may have other processing causing resource contention with CPU, RAM, or disk. The Sandbox requires at least 8GB of RAM (meaning your computer should probably have more for the other processes it is running) and if you can give it more than that then even better.

New Contributor

@anarasimham I know the VM has allocated 12GB of RAM and the local machine 16 GB. the first time to turn on start normally but when I power off or reboot they take a long time in this part Cleaning temp files.

I need to delete the VM and imported again.