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I need to download cloudera for learning purpose for Macbook Air

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When I am trying to download CHD for my mac then I am not getting any downloadable link.

Last year I tried then I got a .ovf file which was directly importable in virtual box but now I am not getting any direct link to download. Instead its taking to some page where it gives download information. 


Can any one help here with step by step downloading instructions for cloudera website?

Note: I need this download for Macbook



The Cloudera Quick start VM has been discontinued as It was based on CDH 5.13 which is going end of support in the Fall of this year. 

As we have introduced CDP so it's available to taste and to get you experience new exciting feature of it. 

Also you can try an docker image of Cloudera available publicly on or simply run below command to download this on docker enabled system. 

docker pull cloudera/quickstart

NOTE: Cloudera Don't support QuickStart VM Officially. 

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