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I want to load my table to hive like Sqoop


I want to load my table to hive like Sqoop

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I'm trying to load my Oracle table and input Hive like Sqoop doing.

Above is my cluster environment

- Apache Nifi (Not HDF) : 1.8.0

- Cloudera Hive : 1.1.0-cdh5.15.1

In fact, I successed load my Oracle table to HDFS. But, I can't make Hive table.

Because, In Ni-Fi, "PutHiveStreaming" or "PutHiveQL" doesn't connect to Hive server.

I tried to find solution,
But, Matty Burgess answered Nifi's Processor is based on Hive 1.2.0 so it will not be incompatibility with Cloudera Hive.


1) Is it true that Cloudera 5.15.1 never connects with Apahce Nifi's Hive Processors?

2) Is there any solution to create hive table with Apache Ni-Fi?

3) I want to stream my RDBMS table only once,
But, Ni-Fi's "QueryDatabasetable" streams RDBMS table infinitely. How can I get my RDBMS table only once?

Please help me~