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I want to use wait and notify for triggerring and stopping two flows


Hello...above is my flow which i am currently running .I want to trigger my second flow after a certain condition is met in my first flow, which will start putting all the flowfiles to the wait processor and untill the second processor is completed and when it will complete, i want to resume my first flow.....But i am facing following issues .....

1. I want to resume my first flow when my whole second flow is completed but notify processor receives a single flow file, it triggers the corresponding wait processor which is not suitable for me.

2. When my whole flow is completed like triggering second flow after flowfiles of first flow are waiting and then resumed execution after completion of my second flow , if i want to run the whole process again the wait processor of the first flow is not holding all the flowfiles in the queue like it did before, but processing it continuously , although my second flow has not even started , as it was supposed to be running after the completion of my second flow.

Please find below the diagram of the flow.


Below here the first flow


Below is the second flow


Here the second flow is in the left most part which is triggered by the wait processor in the left and the notify processor in the bottom will trigger the right most wait processor of the first flow.

Here are the configurations of the processors



@Prakhar Agrawal

Your template has a custom processor, so it cannot be loaded.

Your explanation of the flow is difficult to follow.

So, you want the completion of flow one, to trigger flow two, then the completion of flow two to trigger flow one again?

It would also help clarify in the diagrams, if you could change the name of the Wait/Notify processors for which flow they are in.

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