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IBM Websphere Application Server Impala Data Source Configuration

New Contributor

Need help creating/configuring a Data Source in IBM Websphere 8.5 to take advange of connection pool management offered by app server.  Supported databases in Websphere lead the user through screens prompting user for required information. Impala is not natively supported and therefore does not know what information is required and I have not been successful in figuring out where/how to provide the connection string, port, etc. to the data source.  


Cloudera Employee

According to this ibm page, you can "Select User-Defined for your database type if you encounter either of the following scenarios:

  • You do not see your database type."


New Contributor

Thanks Andrew.  I've added it as User-defined, but it's not apparent where or how to enter the connection properties.  I'm working with our Websphere heavies now and they think it will need a properties file, but if they can't figure it out we'll be reaching out to IBM. When I finally get it set up, I'll post the solution.

New Contributor

Were you able to set up this connection? We are trying the same for our application

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