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Image differences between Vmware and Virtualbox quickstart

Image differences between Vmware and Virtualbox quickstart

New Contributor

The Vmware image is CDH 5.3, the Virtbualbox image has CDH 5.4


but this is not mentioned anywhere on the download page.



Next to this, after opening the VMware image; it couldnt boot because Mr. Jenkins forgot to enject an ISO from the virtual-cdrom, before exporting it.



Please improve the performance / usability of the virtual-machine images. And please do not start all services by default (it takes way too much resources now; my machine with 16GB is unable to boot it normally...


(I would like to introduce Cloudera here at work, this isnt making a good impression => took 10hrs+ already just to get the images working properyl.........................)


Re: Image differences between Vmware and Virtualbox quickstart

Master Collaborator

>> but this is not mentioned anywhere on the download page.


On the download page, 5.3 and the very recent 5.4 release are both listed as options. Is it possible you downloaded the VMWare option before the 5.4 VM was published, and the VirtualBox option after it was published (and became the default?) The CD issue was fixed before 5.4 - although haven't known that to stop it from starting before.


I'm not convinced your issue with the Host Monitor really is memory. As I said on the other thread, that was a suggestion of a common cause for some problems, but I'd really need to see the log from the failed Host Monitor to be of any more help.


Might I suggest trying Cloudera Live if you're continuing to have problems ( It's a 2-week free trial but gives you 4 much larger cloud instances, and you'll find Cloudera Manager works much more reliably and predictably in that environment. Cloudera Manager is designed to run distributed across a cluster - with everything running on a single node it should work when everything goes well, but if you run into some issues it's the equivalent of every machine in your datacenter malfunctioning at once from CM's perspective - and debugging it may not be intuitive.

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