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Imapala Daemon Fails to start Post SSL configuration




whiile i'm attempting to enable the SSL , i;m receiving the below errror, could you please let me know where have i gone wrong.


i tried verifying the CA file with openssl -CAfile root.pem inter.pem

O/p : Ok


I0418 23:34:40.401127 25865] Couldn't open transport for impala:24000 (SSL_get_verify_result(), unable to get local issuer certificate)
@ 0x82bee9 (unknown)
@ 0xd4c1df (unknown)
@ 0xd4c3d2 (unknown)
@ 0xa11cb5 (unknown)
@ 0xa123d0 (unknown)
@ 0xb11d08 (unknown)
@ 0xb13c30 (unknown)
@ 0x9d4b8c (unknown)
@ 0xaf59da (unknown)
@ 0x7c4df3 (unknown)
@ 0x7f890a895af5 __libc_start_main
@ 0x7f79ad (unknown)
I0418 23:34:40.401199 25865] Unable to connect to impala:24000


New Contributor
how did you sort this issue with ssl?
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