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Impala Column Name convention Issue


Impala Column Name convention Issue

New Contributor

Hi All,


We are facing a problem with Imapla Column naming convention which seems unclear to us.


The CDH imapala documentation ( 3rd bullet point says : An identifier must start with an alphabetic character. The remainder can contain any combination of alphanumeric characters and underscores. Quoting the identifier with backticks has no effect on the allowed characters in the name.


Now, due to dependency with the upstream SAP systems, we had to name a column name starting with (0) zero as numeric. While defining and extracting the records from the table impala does not show any semantic error. While connecting Imapala with SAP HANA through SDA (Smart Data Access), the extraction is failing for this particular column which is starting with a leading zero (0) and fine for rest of the columns which are starting with an alphabet. The error shows as "... ^ Encountered: DECIMAL LITERAL "


I have to points.


  1. If the documentation says, an identifier can not start anything other that alphabet, then how the imapla query is running without any issues.
  2. Why the error is only raised while it is getting extracted from SAP HANA.


Any insight will be highly appreciable.






Re: Impala Column Name convention Issue

Can you show the command you used in which you "defin[ed] and extract[ed] the records from the table [with] impala" during which it did not show any semantic error?

Generally, if a feature (such as numeral-prefixed column names) is unsupported, I would not expect that nothing related to that feature will ever halfway work or just work poorly. I try not to depend on unsupported features working.
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