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Impala/Hive : Sentry Row Level Security on User (not group)

Impala/Hive : Sentry Row Level Security on User (not group)

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 I know, row level security can be achived via views in Sentry. And also roles can be applied on groups only.


 My question is, by any chance can i apply role on user.If not, can we expect it in future version?


I need it for the below,


     We have a case in legacy database where there is a view which fetches rows from two to three different tables. From Tableau, user  information is fetched and used in view’s where clause ( like select * from <viewname> where user=xxx) when the report is loaded. So that only the restricted data can be viewed by the user. Can we implement the same in sentry?


My understaning is , in sentry,  for this case; we need to create different views for each user( one per group) which is not accepted because of redhat groups limitations and need more number of roles. 


Or could you please help me if you have any other alternates if any.