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Impala KUDU table - howto bulk update

Impala KUDU table - howto bulk update

New Contributor

Hello! I need to performing updates of KUDU table, Is there any option to du update in bulk?


The flow is following:
1 .Fetch 1000 rows
2. Process rows, calculate new value for each row
3. Update KUDU table with new values


Updating row by row with one DB query per row - slow. I am seeking bulk update solution. I found only this "You can update in bulk using the same approaches outlined in Inserting In Bulk." here but how to du this? I need example, if it is possible



Re: Impala KUDU table - howto bulk update

Expert Contributor
Are you looking to use the direct API or would you be OK with a SQL

Certainly the easiest would be to simply use a SQL query from Impala such

update t set my_col='foo' where bar > 123;

If you want to use the API, I'd suggest using the AUTO_FLUSH_BACKGROUND
mode to ensure that many updates get batched together into a single
round-trip RPC to the tablet servers.

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