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Impala ODBC driver problem

New Contributor


    I am evaluating Impala ODBC driver for integrating with our product.


The product is developed in C++ and it relies on SQLGetTypeInfo call to get supported data types.


This call works fine when using ODBC on Windows, but returns partial information when used with unixODBC.


For example for string it returns "STRING(255)" on Wndows and "(255)" on UNIX/Linux using unixODBC.

For integer/decimal it returns "DECIMAL(10, 0)" on Windows but blank data (only ODBC datatype is 3, but no metadata).


The C++ code, ODBC settings, the database I am connecting to, username/password; all these things are exactly the same while accessing from Windows and Linux.


Is this a defect in Impala unixODBC driver or am I missing something here?

Anybody experiencing the same behavior?