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Impala Odbc connection using Kerberos under IIS


Impala Odbc connection using Kerberos under IIS

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We have a Kerberos enabled cluster with x-realm authentication on our windows domain.  We want to use the Impala Odbc connection in a C# .NET website running under IIS but we are unsure how to authenticate this.  We can run it under a domain account but this requires manual entry of the username and password in order to refresh the ticket.  Does anyone know our options around this?




Re: Impala Odbc connection using Kerberos under IIS


If your IIS service is using a domain service account, it should already have a valib Kerberos ticket. In that case, your connection string to Impala doesn't need username and password. I should be something like the below:




The impala principal is usually impala/<datanode_where_impala_is_running_fqdn>@YOUR.DOMAIN.REALM


If the IIS service is running with a LOCAL account it won't have a ticket to successfully connect to Impala. If that's the case, you have two options:

  • Change the service account to a domain account
  • Create a keytab file containing the ticket for the principal you want to use to connect to impala and load that keytab from your application code before attempting the connection with the same connection string above.

Hope this helps.