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Impala Sql query to get date


Impala Sql query to get date

New Contributor

I have 2 Impala tables.

1st table T1 (additional columns are there but I am interested in only date and day type as weekday):

date       day_type
04/01/2020 Weekday
04/02/2020 Weekday
04/03/2020 Weekday
04/04/2020 Weekend
04/05/2020 Weekend
04/06/2020 Weekday

 2nd table T2:

process date       status
A       04/01/2020 finished
A       04/02/2020 finished
A       04/03/2020 run_again


Using impala queries i have to get the maximum date from second table T2 and get its status. According to the above table 04/03 is the maximum date.

If the status is finished on 04/03, then my query should return the next available weekday date from T1 which is 04/06/2020.

But if the status is run_again, then the query should return the same date. In the above table, 04/03 has run_again and when my query runs the output should be 04/03/2020 and not 04/06/2020.


What I tried so far: I ran a subquery from second table and got the maximum date and its status. i tried to run a case in my main query and gave t1 as subselect in Case statement but its not working. Looks like case statement does not allow a select statement within it. 

Is it possible to achieve this through Impala query?

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