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Impala (Total TCMalloc Bytes in Use Across Impala Daemons) high usage when no query's are running

New Contributor


im facing issues with impalas memory usage,

looking at a chart i can see that memory usage is 4TB but there are querys if stacked is about 100-200Gb

as to my understanding when query have been succesfully compleated memory usage should drop,

can someone help undestand why is the memory not returning.


Thank you 



What version of Impala are you running? How big is the cluster?


Are the queries closed and unregistered? We've seen cases where some clients leave queries open.


The first place I usually look to diagnose a memory issue is the /memz?detailed=true page on the Impala debug web UI, that has a lot of useful information. E.g. https://impala-daemon-host:25000/memz?detailed=true

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