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Impala Unable to Load Data

New Contributor

Using the Hue GUI, I have tried to create a database called test, and then create a table called sample that loads in data from /user/cloudera/physician.csv


However, when I try to do this, I get the following error:


AnalysisException: Unable to LOAD DATA from hdfs://quickstart.cloudera:8020/user/cloudera/physician.csv because Impala does not have WRITE permissions on its parent directory hdfs://quickstart.cloudera:8020/user/cloudera

I've seen from some other posts that the problem might be due to having the wrong owner on the database, and that this can be checked using hdfs dfs -ls /user/hive/warehouse. When I do that I get 

drwxrwxrwx - impala supergroup 0 2018-07-16 05:57 /user/hive/warehouse/test.db


Can someone help me make it so I can load the csv data into the table?


Expert Contributor

The error is that user impala has not write permissions to "/user/cloudera" directory and its contents (physician.csv).

Write permissions are required, because impala will move this file from "/user/cloudera/physician.csv" to "/user/hive/warehouse/test.db/tablename/physician.csv"

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