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Impala catalog server webserver


Impala catalog server webserver


What is the use of Impala Catalog server web server username and Catalog server web server user password.


I see the fields are admin and ******


1) Are these default values? what is the default password for this?

2)On google, I could not find a description for this parameter. Is there any place I can find a detailed description for each parameter that I see in Cloudera manager? 


Re: Impala catalog server webserver


The main purpose of the web page is to show catalog version,os details , hardware info,process info.

you can also see the JVM memory total usage , rpc details in terms of time  between state ,catalog and demons.

varz is self explainatory .

you wouldnt need username / password if you are having the credentials of Cloudera manager with full administrative rights.

Re: Impala catalog server webserver


I guess you are talking about Impala Daemon HTTP Server Port 25000. I am looking for Impala Catalog server web server username and Catalog server web server user password which are two parameters in Impala > configurations. These are default and I want to know if there is any problem if I remove values of these two parameters.
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